Appraisal Criteria Applications are evaluated based on four criteria:

  • Scientific merit
  • Innovation
  • Clinical and medical impact
  • Quality of research environment:

Scientific merit

  • The validity of the rationale / proposed methodology
  • The validity of the expected outcomes
  • The validity of the proposed timelines
  • The feasibility of completing the proposed work within 12 months


  • Innovation in design, methodology and objectives

Clinical / medical impact

  • Contribution of the project results to clinical and scientific understanding
  • Relevance of the project to the Alpha-1-Antitrypsin disorders community

Research environment
Mentor and research environment

  • Mentor's research focus, clinical/scientific expertise and experience
  • Qualification of the applicant
  • Expertise in the academic research environment

Applicants are asked to provide additional documents with the full application form. These include:

  • Applicant's biographical sketch
  • Mentor's biographical sketch
  • Letter of support from mentor
  • Letter of support from director of the institute and / or department / division head stressing the institute's commitment to the candidate, assuring the reviewer that the candidate's time will be dedicated to pursue the goals of the program as this project should be their full-time activity for the year.